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BTSO Revived Historical Sanatorium Building

İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gathered with members of the press at Bursa Business School and said, "Bursa Business School will be the training center not only of the Turkish business world but also of the nearby geography and international companies."

BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay said that Kirazlıyayla Sanatorium Building is considered one of the most important landmarks in the history of the Republic. Stating that the building, which was jointly designed by Prof. Dr. Emin Onat, the architect of Anıtkabir, and Prof. Dr. Leman Cevat Tomsu, first female architect of Türkiye, started its life as a sanatorium in 1949 and was used for different purposes in the following years, President Burkay said that BTSO rented the building from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2014.

Most Comprehensive Renovation Project in the History of the Republic

President Burkay specified that the historical Sanatorium building was a highly damaged by careless treatment when it was used and degradation during the non-use period and was facing demolition and said, "In 2013, when we started to work at BTSO, we set out with the goal of 16 macro projects. Today, we have completed more than 60 projects. One of these projects was to bring a facility to our city that will serve as a training center for our business world and like INSEAD, Wilton Park, Harvard Business School, etc. On a total area of 256 thousand square meters, we have carried out one of the most comprehensive renovation projects in the history of our Republic and brought this unique building into the service of our business world and our country within the concept of 'Bursa Business School'."

Uludag will be the New Davos

Stating that they showed great sensitivity to architectural and cultural heritage in the project, President Burkay said that they completed the restoration process with no harm to the natural texture and no addition of any new structures. President Burkay stated that the project realized pursuant to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's vision of "Let's make Uludağ Davos" is a crucial project that will strengthen the brand value of Uludağ and said, "Bursa Business School will ensure that Uludağ, one of the most important values of Bursa, will be a center of attraction that hosts high-end tourists not only in the winter months but all 12 months of the year."

"We Present Bursa Business School to the Business World"

President Burkay pointed out that the center can be used by all companies, institutions and business organizations and said, "We are presenting Bursa Business School to our business world. High-level trainings, company meetings, national and international congresses, local and foreign summit meetings can be organized here for our business world. The center offers facilities such as a hotel and congress building, meeting and conference halls, study rooms, art galleries and a library, as well as clinical and health programs. Bursa Business School, which has the vision of becoming a training center not only for Türkiye but also for Gulf countries, Turkic Republics, Russia, North Africa, Europe and international companies, will carry out training-development programs that include important topics of business life. These kinds of hubs are on a significant upward trend in the world. Bursa Business School is the first and only such hub in Turkey. The establishment of this institution meets one of the biggest needs in our geography."

"Companies and Senior Executives Will Prepare for the New Economy"

Emphasizing that the new economic conception developing all over the world has brought new players and new fields, President Burkay said, " Particularly digitalization has ushered in many new notions and new approaches to the economy. Bursa Business School will play an important role in transferring these new concepts to companies. Together with our universities in Bursa, we will cooperate with the top-ranked universities in Türkiye and the world. We will enable companies, especially senior managers, to update their knowledge depending on the changing conjuncture and conditions. We will organize customized training programs for the business people and companies."

" 'GUHEM' took Bursa to a different level in Aerospace Aviation"

Stating that they opened Bursa Business School with ASE Planetary Congress, a major international event, President Burkay said, "We developed the vision of GUHEM because we consider one of the first 5 areas that will shape the economic development of the world in the next 50 years to be aerospace. Today, GUHEM, which we realized with the support of our Ministry of Industry and Technology and the strategic cooperation of TÜBİTAK and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has brought Bursa to a pivotal point. Today, we are holding the Planetary Congress in Uludağ with the participation of over 70 astronauts. The contribution of projects such as GUHEM and Bursa Business School to this historical event organized for the first time in our country cannot be denied. These projects have increased recognition of Bursa all over the world. ASE-International Space Explorers Association, which organizes the Planetary Congress, decided to hold the Congress in Bursa after examining the venues. In this 5-day event, more than 70 astronauts will carry out major activities that will increase space awareness. The steps taken by BTSO in this field are being observed closely and with interest not only in our country but also abroad."

| 26.09.2023 |


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