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Directorate of IT

Phone : 0 (224) 275 16 80
Fax : 0 (224) 275 16 89


1. To facilitate communication among network-connected computers, configure device settings, and ensure their operational status,
2. To identify new software and hardware needs, stay abreast of technology trends and generate and implement new projects accordingly,
3. To troubleshoot and address malfunctions, intervene when necessary, and if needed, dispatch to the relevant technical service,
4. To manage the organization and security of the Chamber's member database,
5. To update the Chamber's website, create email accounts, and ensure their functionality,
6. To ensure the security and reliability of data in the electronic environment, and to implement protective and preventive measures for security,
7. To ensure the error-free operation of the Chamber's existing software systems developed by internal and external resources.
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  • Directorate of IT
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