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Directorate of Foreign Trade

Phone : 0 (224) 275 16 40
Fax : 0 (224) 275 16 49


1. To sell and approve A.TR Circulation Certificates
2. To sell Simplified A.TR Circulation Certificates
3. To sell and approve EUR.1 Circulation Certificate and EUR.MED Circulation Certificate
4. To sell and approve Certificates of Origin, Proof of Origin Documents (Iran), Origin Certificates (Malaysia), D-8 Proof of Origin Documents, TR-AZ Form Proof of Origin Documents (Azerbaijan), TPS-OIC Proof of Origin Documents, and Form A Certificates of Origin
5. To sell and approve TIR Carnets and retrieve completed Carnets
6. To sell TIR Carnets, obtain approval, retrieve completed Carnets, and remove them from the system
7. Receipt of Digital Tachograph Driver/Company/Service Card applications and delivery of the cards
8. Supervising the fairs held in Bursa, checking Fair Authorization Certificate applications, receiving requests for changes and cancellations regarding fairs, transmitting relevant documents to TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye), and Preparing Fair Outcome Reports
9. Functions as the Export Support Office.
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