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Directorate of Industry and Trade

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1. Heavy Construction Equipment Registration Certificate
2. Authentication procedures
3. “Made in Türkiye” Certificate
4. Invoice certifications
5. Capacity report,
6. Documentation requests regarding companies' productions and industrial activities
7. Appraisal of fair market value
8. Requests for property, machinery, construction, manufacturing, and material value appraisals
9. Determinations of commercial activity losses
10. Expert witness notification efforts
11. To conduct studies to determine the Maximum Price Tariffs for goods and services subject to the tariff.
12. Registration procedures for Insurance Agents and Experts on the Board
13. Expertise procedures related to the Inward Processing licenses
14. Expertise procedures related to imports
15. Expertise procedures related to machinery identification
16. Execution of duty-free import procedures
17. Overseas repair operations
18. Actual consumption documents,
19. The rates of waste generated as a result of production activities
20. Lists of manufacturing firms,
21. Domestic Good Certificate
22. Manufacturing Sufficiency Certificate
23. Insurance Operations
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  • Directorate of Industry and Trade
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  • Bursa Economy
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