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Bursa Foreign Trade Center

Our center was established and started its activities with the "Bursa Foreign Trade Center" project, supported within the scope of the Bursa Eskisehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) 2021 Innovation and Efficiency Financial Support Program of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With its trained experts in this field, the center utilizes foreign trade intelligence channels to provide tailor-made analysis and reports to companies requesting consultancy from various sectors. Services include target market identification, target customer identification, pinpoint export consultancy, sustainable target import market, and supplier identification. The aim is to help companies open new doors and increase their competitiveness in global markets.

Our Services:

Target Market Research
Target Customer Consultancy
Pinpoint Export Consultancy
Competitive Intelligence Consultancy
Competitive Import Market Research
Competitive Import Consultancy
Technical Intelligence
Tender Inquiry

How We Work?

We provide services through face-to-face meetings, company visits, and remote working methods to companies in need of support and consultancy. Our vision is to open new doors for our companies in their exports.

To benefit from the services of the Bursa Foreign Trade Center, you only need to fill out the Preliminary Application Request Form for the desired service. Our expert staff will contact you to arrange a meeting regarding the requested service.

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