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OIZs for SMEs

OIZs for SMEs


Ensuring the harmony of industrialization in the context of "city-human-environment" and structuring industrialization in an organized and healthy manner, based on the philosophy of "livable environment and sustainable development," is now an unquestionable necessity for existing industries, which are currently in production, seeking growth, and scattered.

Businesses located within or near the city contribute to irregular urbanization, resulting in a strain on the city's infrastructure capacity. In order to prevent this situation, it has become essential today to establish special zones outside the city and separated from the city by green belts, providing excellent infrastructure, environmentally friendly, and accessible areas according to city plans, allowing for the organized development of industry and commerce.

To reduce the costs of regional investors and efficiently utilize infrastructure services related to operational areas; it is necessary to group sectors by sub-divisions according to their business lines. By clustering sectors that have settled within the region, cost advantages can be obtained since representatives of industries within business lines, as well as other representatives in the sectors and raw material providers will be together, facilitating the economical realization of many services.


To increase the efficiency of not only the industry but also other sectors with economic potential, put an end to the scattering resulting from the relocation of these sectors to different geographies, provide a solution to urban problems, and contribute to the future vision of Bursa with a successful, exemplary and new approach;

Establishing a trade chain for productivity increase instead of competition and differentiation between clusters of identified sectors and companies. Creating synergy with information sharing within sectors to facilitate communication. Achieving collective strength in addressing common issues within the sector. Becoming a regional attraction center by offering diversity when consumers turn to the product they need.

Easing transportation within the city. Providing marginal benefits in logistics costs for distributors, especially in distribution. Aiming for small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from the opportunities and support in OSBs.

By encouraging capital flow to the region, the proposed SME Industrial Zones, where small and medium-sized enterprises will operate in a 1,000 - 5,000 m2 closed area, aim to increase production and trade, take advantage of regional marketing opportunities, create added value, increase employment opportunities, reduce urban and environmental problems caused by scattering, and contribute to Bursa's future vision with a successful, exemplary, and new approach in the Plastic and Rubber, Food, Electrical and Electronics, Building Elements, Automotive Sub-Industry, Chemistry, Furniture, Coating Technologies, Recycling, Textile, Metal, and Machinery sectors.

Organizing companies in a region will provide various advantages, such as benefiting from many incentives and support. BTSO, which strives to provide opportunities for our companies operating in Bursa, has undertaken a mission to sign projects such as Bursa OSB in the past and currently, Bursa TEKNOSAB, which is a revolution in industry.

It is estimated that KOBI Organized Industrial Zones is a necessity for the small and medium sized enterprises to be placed on an area of 1.000-5000 m2 confined spaces. This constitution plan aims to increase production and trade by encouraging the capital flow to the region, will create added value by benefiting from regional marketing opportunities, will increase employment opportunities, reduce urban and environmental problems caused by disarray and will have positive influence on productivity growth without competition and differentiation between the clustering groups through a trade chain concerning; Plastics And Rubber, Food, Electricity And Electronics, Construction Elements, Automotive Supplier Industry, Chemistry, Furniture, Coating Technologies, Recycling, Textile, Metal and Machinery Sectors through a successful example and a new approach that will contribute to the future vision of Bursa.

Through locating companies in an organized zone will also provide a fair chance to benefit from many incentives and supports. BTSO, which works to provide opportunities to our companies operating in Bursa, is in a position that has taken a mission that has realized projects such as Bursa OSB and Bursa TEKNOSAB which have an industrial revolution value today.

  • Sectoral Councils
  • Global Fair Agency
  • Commercial Safari Project
  • Bursa Technology Organized Indus. Zone
  • Payitaht Bazaar Project
  • Bursa Gökmen Project
  • BTSO Academy Project
  • Bursa Business School (BBS)
  • OIZ Technocity Project
  • BTSO Exchange Program
  • Cluster Groups
  • UR-GE and HİSER Projects
  • New-Generation Fairs
  • BTSOTAM Arbitration and Mediation Centre
  • Vocational Compe. Exam and Cert. Center
  • Transition for SMEs
  • Bursa Spring of Innovation and Design
  • Green Growth Project
  • BTSO Loyalty Project
  • BUTGEM Education Center
  • Bursa Finance and Commerce Center
  • Organized Trade Zones
  • OIZs for SMEs
  • BTSO Culinary Academy
  • Model Factory
  • Aerospace And Aviation Traning Center
  • Energy Efficiency Consultancy (EEC)
  • BTSO Logistics
  • Bursa Textile Confection and R&D Center
  • Composite Material and Technical Textile Prototype Production and Application Center (BUTEXCOMP)
  • Bursa Foreign Trade Center
  • Bursa Economy
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