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Great Interest in 'Real Estate Law' Training at BTSO

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) organized 'Real Estate Law' training as a part of the BTSO Academy project, which is a training and development platform for the business world. Bursa business people showed great interest in the training organized jointly with Ali Güvenç Kiraz, Founding President of Real Estate Law Association.

BTSO Academy continues its training programs for sector representatives in 2023 without interruption. Ali Güvenç Kiraz, Founding President of the Real Estate Law Association, provided training on Real Estate Law, Lease Agreements, Tenant and Owner Relations, with the intense participation of BTSO Board Member Alparslan Şenocak and representatives of the business sector. At the opening of the program, BTSO Board Member Alparslan Şenocak said that approximately 100 thousand BTSO members have benefited from more than 700 trainings organized both online and in person so far with the BTSO Academy Project. Stating that the importance of mastering the laws, rules and regulations in force, especially in the field of real estate, is increasing significantly, Şenocak said, "It is of great importance for our sector representatives and the end consumer to be equipped with the knowledge of legal regulations from purchasing processes to leasing and the solution of the problems that may arise. With the valuable presentations of our guest Ali Güvenç Kiraz, we had the opportunity to obtain information about a wide range of issues in the real estate sector, from lease agreements to real estate consultancy, from condominium law to deed cancellation and registration cases, from foreigners' acquisition of housing to expropriation.

"Real Estate Committees' Existence is Very Valuable"

Ali Güvenç Kiraz, Founding President of the Real Estate Law Association, said that Bursa is one of the most important cities in Türkiye in terms of industry and trade. "Bursa needs these trainings and this is the main reason for this crowd today," said Kiraz, who said that there has been a serious momentum in the real estate sector in Bursa recently. We had a productive program with the participation of more than 400 sector representatives. I would like to thank all the stakeholders who contributed, especially İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO, who organized this training for us. Today, we emphasized 2 basic issues in particular. Real estate consultancy was one of them. With the initiatives taken by the real estate committees of the chambers of commerce and industry, real estate consultancy has become a serious profession. Today, we informed our friends about the rights and responsibilities. The most important issue we highlighted was the recent decision of the General Assembly of the Supreme Court of Appeals. With this decision, real estate consultants will start to charge you not only the service fee but also the penal clause.  We briefed our real estate consultant friends on this regulation. The value of the existence of real estate committees in the chambers of commerce and industry has been made clear by this decision."

“Turkish Lease Law is Different from Many Countries"

Ali Güvenç Kiraz, who provided information about lease agreements and lease law, said that Turkish law is different from many countries in the world. Stating that Turkish lease law is a system based on just cause eviction, Kiraz said, "Attention should be paid to the extension periods in the contracts. When the necessary conditions are met, it is important to file an eviction case by sending a notice 3 months in advance. When such points are well understood, disputes will be minimized."

| 31.01.2023 |


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