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Transition for SMEs

Transition for SMEs

Industrial estate (OSB) rehabilitation process which is initiated by our chamber is providing cost advantages for our companies in challenging competitive conditions and strengthening a culture of collaborative business.

Global changes in customs regulations make it difficult for businesses not located in industrial zones to export. Our Chamber, recognizing the need to support and enhance industry in our city, places great importance on specialized industrial zones.

Rehabilitated OSBs also contribute to their cities and regions by eliminating unbalanced industrialization and minimizing the environmental impact of industries.

Our Chamber has brought the process of acquiring OSB identity to completion for Kayapa, Yenice, Akçalar, and Barakfakih industrial zones, employing 37,000 people, and continues efforts to initiate the same process in Çalı, Görükle Başköy, and İnegöl Cerrah.

Industrial zones are modernising.

  • Sectoral Councils
  • Global Fair Agency
  • Commercial Safari Project
  • Bursa Technology Organized Indus. Zone
  • Payitaht Bazaar Project
  • Bursa Gökmen Project
  • BTSO Academy Project
  • Bursa Business School (BBS)
  • OIZ Technocity Project
  • BTSO Exchange Program
  • Cluster Groups
  • UR-GE and HİSER Projects
  • New-Generation Fairs
  • BTSOTAM Arbitration and Mediation Centre
  • Vocational Compe. Exam and Cert. Center
  • Transition for SMEs
  • Bursa Spring of Innovation and Design
  • Green Growth Project
  • BTSO Loyalty Project
  • BUTGEM Education Center
  • Bursa Finance and Commerce Center
  • Organized Trade Zones
  • OIZs for SMEs
  • BTSO Culinary Academy
  • Model Factory
  • Aerospace And Aviation Traning Center
  • Energy Efficiency Consultancy (EEC)
  • BTSO Logistics
  • Bursa Textile Confection and R&D Center
  • Composite Material and Technical Textile Prototype Production and Application Center (BUTEXCOMP)
  • Bursa Foreign Trade Center
  • Bursa Economy
    BTSO Ekonomi