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BUTGEM Training Center

BUTGEM Training Center

BUTGEM started its training activities in 2009 in Bursa which is one of the most important industrial centers of our country.

Aim; training demanded, self-confident, high-qualified technical employees with social responsibility who can work in co-operation, think independently, and representing Vocational and Career Development courses in accordance with the lifelong learning philosophy.

Total closed area allocated by BUTGEM for Vocational Training is 12,000 m².

Reasons of establishment:
* Lack of training qualified employees at schools to benefit from at enterprises who can use the advanced technology, and the requirement that enterprises have to train again the people they employ,
* Requirement that employees should be trained lifelong to hold on to the employment in today’s conditions, and thus to follow the innovations continuously,
* Requirement of technology-compatible, flexible, practical technical training compatible to today’s conditions for increasing the employability of individuals,
* The demand of design training for branding by industrialists and the need for theoretical and technical training which will form basis for this training,
* Requirements of young people to get, change and develop a profession by using the advanced technology and keeping up with the information age,
* Training employees who can carry their companies one step further by force of the search of measurable efficiency values in all types of main principle enterprise behavior in the economy of the global world.

In BUTGEM Training complex;there are both various classrooms for Vocational Trainings with high technology and latest release of software and practice workshops with all types of equipment.

Vocational high school and university graduates who would like to develop their vocation or to get new technology trainings could attend the programs in our Training Center.

Besides, young people that are at least high school graduate and without occupation can attend the program.

Our trainings are revised periodically according to the needs of the industry of Bursa and our certifications are issued by Ministry of National Education.

2500 course attendees on average complete the programs and attendees could be employed 80% just after the course.

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