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Directorate of Corporate Communication

Phone : 0 (224) 275 16 00
Fax : 0 (224) 275 17 69


1. To develop BCCI's communication strategies
2. To facilitate communication between written, visual and verbal media and BCCI, and to conduct public awareness campaigns,
3. To compile and archive published news, comments, articles and economic news relevant to the Chamber,
4. To prepare a 'daily press digest' for internal use by scanning all subscribed publications, with a focus on news related to BCCI and other chambers,
5. To identify internal and external economic developments from the agencies subscribed by BCCI, inform the President and Board Members, deliver them to relevant units, and archive,
6. To publicize BCCI activities to the public through press releases and media,
7. To ensure the distribution of BCCI publications to members, Bursa and Anatolian newspapers, public institutions, NGOs, foreign representations, universities, and libraries,
8. To facilitate the participation of television, agency and newspaper reporters in the regular meetings of BCCI,
9. To establish close collaboration with local and national press representatives,
10. To ensure timely delivery of the President's speeches and important announcements to newspapers and distribute them in text form to key figures in the media,
11. To convert interactions with local and foreign guests into news and share them with the press,
12. To take necessary measures for the seamless delivery of news to press organizations regarding BCCI-organized activities such as meetings and seminars,
13. To create a monthly film for BCCI Assembly meetings (text preparation and production)
14. To monitor committee, commission, and board meetings and ensure coverage of related news in the Chamber's publication and/or newspapers and television.
15. To develop the overall concept for all BCCI projects and oversee the design and implementation.
16. To coordinate the preparation of the budget and activity book with Financial and Administrative Affairs and create an annual activities film.
17. To capture photos and video footage at all meetings organized by BCCI and archive them,
18. To coordinate the printing and distribution of BCCI's monthly publication, "Bursa Economy"
19. To manage the script and production work for the multivision presented at the general assemblies of BCCI,
20. To handle all printing tasks for BCCI and carry out the distribution of all printed documents,
21. When deemed necessary, to compile reports for senior management concerning projects and press coverage,
22. To organize meetings for delegations hosted by the BCCI and to ensure distribution of relevant documents related to these meetings to the press,
23. To ensure the completion and verification of all subscription processes,
24. To organize all necessary arrangements for the press members attending the meetings,
25. To prepare press advertisements, distribute them to agencies, and carry out follow-up activities,
26. To respond to information acquisition requests,
27. To initiate the official permit process for exhibitions in Bursa and oversee their execution.
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