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Directorate of Business Development

Phone : 0 (224) 275 17 50
Fax : 0 (224) 275 17 59


1. Performs economic and social research,
2. Prepares and coordinates the concepts of social projects, workshops, panels, summits, congress and symposiums,
3. Contributes to the branding and institutionalization processes of all projects of the Chamber
4. Prepares a report to be presented to the high level protocol such as the Ministries,
5. Officiate as Turkish patent and Trademark information and documentation unit of BTSO
  • Secretariat General
  • Directorate of Sectoral Monitoring and Development
  • Directorate of Foreign Trade
  • Directorate of Industry and Trade
  • Directorate of Chamber Registration and Member Relations
  • Directorate of Financial Affairs
  • Directorate of Trade Registration
  • Directorate of Business Development
  • Directorate of IT
  • Directorate of Human Resources
  • Directorate of Administrative Services
  • Legal Consultancy Department
  • Directorate of Corporate Communication
  • Branch Office / Arbitration and Mediation Centre
  • Coordinatorship of Projects and Clustering
  • Bursa Economy
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