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BTSO November Assembly/Council Meeting was held at Bursa Business School

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) held its November Assembly Meeting at 'Bursa Business School', which it introduced to the city as a new reference training center for the business world. The meeting was attended by Bursa Governor Mahmut Demirtaş as a guest of honor. During the meeting, BTSO Board Chairman İbrahim Burkay highlighted that the Bursa Business School aims to improve the adaptability of business actors to the rapidly changing economy.

BTSO Board Chairman İbrahim Burkay said that they held a assembly meeting for the first time at Bursa Business School (BBS). Expressing that they redesigned BBS as a center where intellect and experience converge, Chairman Burkay said, "I am proud and happy to see our assembly meeting taking place under the roof of Bursa Business School, and to see that our center has become flesh and bones. I extend my gratitude to all assembly members who have supported our efforts from the first day. Kirazlıyayla Sanatorium was used as a health center for those seeking healing for many years. We have given this facility a new mission. This center will now operate as a rehabilitation center that prepares all actors of our business world for the new economy.."

"Managing the New Economy with Old Institutions is Not Possible"

İbrahim Burkay emphasized that there is a massive transformation based on knowledge all over the world, and said, "Innovation does not only happen at the product level. Our institutions, company executives, and business representatives also need to adapt to these innovations. We cannot manage the new economy with old habits and rules. Our institutions of 50 years ago describe the business models of that time, but today, we need to create a powerful model that develops intellectual capital along with human and physical capital and shapes the transformation."

Highlighting the need for companies to focus on the ongoing economic transformation, President Burkay said, "There are various examples of lifelong education institutions worldwide. The priority of these centers is to equip top management with the knowledge and skills to adapt to global economic changes. Our goal is to ensure that our companies become agile players in the new economy through the training and development programs organized and carried out under the BBS. Without such programs, it will be impossible to compete in the new world order."

"We Aim to Strengthen the Investor Profile with BBS"

BTSO Chairman, İbrahim Burkay, stated that Bursa is playing a significant role in the transformation of Turkey's economy with its up-to-date structure. İbrahim Burkay said, "Producing is very valuable. With the new economy, it is not sufficient to produce only. You need to focus directly on the consumer. When you look at the technology companies of the world, you realize this. But we need to differentiate and differentiating requires creating the institutions necessary for the new economy. At Bursa Business School, we aim not only to create new ideas and initiatives, but also to change our investor profile. The concept of angel investors needs to be developed and strengthened during this process. BBS will accelerate this process. During this process, together with our members, we will take steps that will shape the future of not only Bursa but also Turkey's economy."

Emphasis on the South Marmara Basin by President Burkay

President İbrahim Burkay, pointed out that Bursa, including its freezones, has $20 billion in exports, said, "The South Marmara Basin is the wealth center of Turkey. In the new support policies to be implemented in these regions, a different approach must be demonstrated. Every step we have taken as BTSO for the last 10 years, every stone we have laid, is a move made for the future of our city and our country."

Governor Mahmut Demirtaş: "Bursa will grow with our joint efforts"

Bursa Governor Mahmut Demirtaş was the guest of honor at a council meeting where he expressed his gratitude to President İbrahim Burkay and the Chamber management for including Kirazlıyayla Sanatorium in the vision of 'Bursa Business School.' Noting that Bursa is among the leading cities contributing the most to the ‘Türkiye Century' vision with its competetive companies in different sectors and 17 industrial zones, Demirtaş said: "Our door is open 24/7 to all our investors who produce and generate jobs. Utilizing all the possibilities of our state, we will bring new projects and investments to our city. We will elevate the competitiveness of our city's economy with collective wisdom. I cannot accept Bursa's position in the export league trending downwards. Wherever we go, we always uplift the economy of our city. We will definitely work to elevate Bursa. Together, we will grow our Bursa."

First Meeting on Economic Agenda at Bursa Business School

Following the BTSO November Assembly Session, the first meeting on current developments in the economy was held at Bursa Business School, which was designed with the vision of the reference training center of the business world. Prof. Dr. Aydın Karapınar discussed inflation accounting, which is anticipated to be implemented starting from the new year, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Filiz Eryılmaz shared his expectations regarding the developments in Turkey and the world economy.

Assembly members showed great interest in the BTSO November Assembly Meeting and the economic presentations held immediately afterwards. Bursa Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Major General Tekin Aktemur also attended the meeting.

| 29.11.2023 |


BTSO November Assembly/Council Meeting was held at Bursa Business School
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