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BOSEN Energy Electric Production Inc.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry carried out the project to establish a cycle plant from which electricity will be obtained from natural gas in Organized Industrial Zone in 1999 with a 47 million Dollars investment to meet the electric energy demand of industrial plants continuously and to contribute to the energy production of the private sector.

This project of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry has aimed at providing the uninterruptible electric energy for industrial plants and clean electric energy not to harm the environment.

Besides, Natural Gas Distribution Center of the all Organized Industrial Zone including the 4th plant has been put into the service of the companies in the region, with a 750 thousand Dollars investment.

By the way, in order to meet the rising need of the companies, reinvestment is made in BOSEN in 2004 to increase the capacity. At the first stage, in the Plant that reached to 115 MW installed power in 2005 with the 85% capacity increase, 60 MW increase is carried out at first step in the frame of the decision to increase the capacity. There was an increase in combined cycle project; gas turbine, waste heat boiler and steam turbine. In 2006, 14 MW steam turbine is activated by a total power of 143 MW. And in 2011, by putting the third group of Combined Cycle Plant into use, 263 MW installed power is attained.

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