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BTSO Vocational Competence Exam and Certification Center (MESYEB)

BTSO Vocational Competence Exam and Certification Center (MESYEB)

Business World and Qualified Vocation

Qualified human resources are one of the most important factors in order to increase the international competitiveness of developing countries. Qualified human resource means the person who has developed vocational qualifications and improves these qualifications constantly.

It is expressed commonly that difficulties came across in the procurement of “Qualified Employed Person” employees are one of the most important problems of the business world in various vocation, economy and development platforms that are conducted in our country. It is seen that activities about standardization and development of vocational qualities are also sustained systemically in developed countries.

Regarding the root causes of the problem that we meet in our country, not knowing the international vocation standards and not balancing between the business world and employment-education in our current Vocational and Technical Educational Institutions are seen. It is clearly seen that severe studies should be made without delay for our young people graduating from these institutions and other employed people to have professional qualifications in order to support international competition.

In order to solve all of these problems systemically and sustainably, determination in vocational standards and institutional structuring in this direction are needed in our country.

Vocational Competence Institution

For this purpose; Vocational Competence Institution Law No. 5544 which was accepted on the 21th September 2006 in TBMM (Grand National Assembly of Turkey) came into force on the 7th October 2006 by being published in Official Gazette (26312).

On the 26th December 2006, Vocational Competence Institution went into action legally by completing its foundation activities.

With statutory decree of Law No 665, 11.10.2011 dated, important amendments that were made in Vocational Competence Institution Law No. 5544, transformed MYK (Vocational Competence Institution) to Turkey Competences Institution in terms of its duties and responsibilities.

MYK is accredited by TÜRKAK by creating vocational standards for setting up “National Vocational Competence System” in our country and “National Vocational Qualifications” according to these standards, and it has been continuing its activities to determine the institutions authorized by MYK solemnly and rapidly.

Main goal in setting up the “National Vocational Competence System” is to establish a functional bond between education and business world’s vocational competences supply and demand and enabling the continuous development of National Vocational Competences according to the “International Vocation Standards”.

As a result, this system will set the stage for Turkey to grow and develop qualified workforce that it needed in order to be able to compete in global economy, and enable to reflect to the education system through national vocational standards.

One of the strongest ways of this system is to accept the “lifelong learning” understanding. In this context, opportunities for individuals to certify their own skills acquired by working without having any basic education, to provide lateral and vertical transfer between different vocations and sectors, to reflect new developments occurring in sectors flexibly, and to be able to certify this will be possible through this system.

That BTSO has a management style which applies the initials for its new vision has become a model in BTSO MESYEB. BTSO MESYEB has made a decision to apply initials in its own field and it has been carrying out this decision planned and systemically. First of all, it has started its Vocational Competence Certification activity on the basis of MAIN SECTORS that represent Bursa. For this purpose, National Competences related to 8 Main Sectors have been chosen.

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