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BTSO Vocational Competence Exam and Certification Center (MESYEB)

BTSO Vocational Competence Exam and Certification Center (MESYEB)

The BTSO MESYEB project, initiated by BTSO (Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry), addresses the legal requirement for obtaining professional competence certificates in hazardous jobs in the field of professional competence and occupational safety in our country. The project aims to assess and certify the professional competencies of individuals working or intending to work in various sectors, including construction, automotive, chemistry, mining, metal, energy and textiles, through measurement and assessment tools prepared on a profession-specific basis. This process contributes to the creation of a qualified workforce.

Covering a total area of 3,500 square meters, the center represents a 3.5 million TL investment and is the most comprehensive certification center in Turkey, providing professional competence certificates in 104 different professions, including construction, chemical, oil, rubber, plastics, automotive, metal, textiles, mining, electrical-electronics and energy sectors.

BTSO MESYEB, accredited by TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) according to the TS EN ISO/IEC 17024 Standard and authorized by MYK (Vocational Qualifications Authority), commenced its services under the name BTSO MESYEB in 2014. It has conducted exams in 54 different cities, with a focus on Bursa and has certified 100,000 professionals by evaluating their qualifications through examinations.

The center has also established the BTSO MESYEB Elevator Safety Components Test Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Technology. This collaboration aims to enhance market surveillance and control activities by improving laboratory infrastructure. The center conducts tests and research processes related to elevator brakes, buffers, speed regulators, elevator motors and automatic door systems.

BTSO MESYEB Elevator Test Center started its activities in 2020 as the first and only accredited elevator equipment test laboratory in accordance with the TS EN 17025 standard by TÜRKAK. The center is authorized for market surveillance and control activities in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and operates as a contracted TSE laboratory in cooperation with the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and as a contracted Liftinstituut laboratory in collaboration with Liftinstituut.

Additionally, BTSO MESYEB serves as a bridge between manufacturers and installation companies, contributing to the improvement of both structures through measurements.

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