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Within the establishment and implementation scope of all the Chambers such as meeting the common necessities of its members, facilitating the professional activities and providing the development of the professions in accordance with its general benefits, dominating honesty and confidence in the relations between the members and the public, maintaining the discipline, ethics and solidarity, the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry started its activities under the title of the “Bursa Chamber of Commerce” by the initiatives of the terms businessmen in one of the small rooms of the Cocoon Inn on 06th June 1889.

To the first Board of Directors Meeting, which was held on 06th June 1889, Mr. Osman Fevzi Efendi joined as the President and Mr. Kamil Efendi as the Vice-President. The members of the Board of Directors were Mr. Hadji Ali Bey, Mr. Kartaki Efendi, Mr. Nafız Efendi, Mr. Kirkor Efendi, Mr. Mehmet Ali Efendi, Mr. Kostan Efendi, Mr. Nikolaki Efendi and Mr. İshak Efendi. Mr. President Osman Fevzi Efendi made the opening speech of the first meeting of the Chamber by the introductory words of; "Messieurs, there is a sufficient of participation. I am opening the first session. I pray to God for our endeavors to be beneficial and propitious for our public and country.”

During the first meeting of the Chamber Mr. Nafiz Efendi and Mr. Papazyan Efendi were assigned for the consultancy and Mr. Elmasyan Efendi was assigned to the First Secretary. The Bursa Chamber of Commerce united with the Chamber of Industry established a year later and became the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In its construction year, the Chamber had 70 members. In those terms, there was one bank and there were 3000 towel, 50 fabric machinery, 54 silk, 5 charcoal, 50 flour, one diamond, 100 oil and one iron factories in Bursa. 105 new members were registered to the Chamber in 1890, whereas, 14 in 1891, 8 in 1892 and 42 in 1893. In 1927, the number of the members reached to 1815.

In 1907 the Chamber had been operated in a small room belonging to the Municipality and until moving to its own building in 1938, its activities had been continued in three rooms behind the Emir Inn. The Chamber moved to its own building in March 1973, whose construction was started on 11th December 1971. Besides, the Chamber moved to its building in the Industrial Zone at the second half of the year 1999. The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry has still given contribution for the commercial and industrial life of the region and the country to be developed since its foundation. The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry active since 1889, has been involved in the local commercial and industrial fields and given undeniable endeavors for establishment and sustainability of today’s milestones, the vocational and technical schools. For this reason, the Chamber gave financial and morally assistance to the Hamidiye Industrial School that was the educator and the initiator of the machinery and metal works school in Bursa by introducing its products during the exhibitions and initiating to establish a sales store. The industrialists in Bursa take decisions and measures by means of the Chamber for standardization even it would not have any sense in the literature.

The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also encouraged not only its members for their benefits by attending to the international fairs, but also to increase the industrial and agricultural products of the city.

The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry established at raising awareness among the traders and industrialists in Bursa to provide their contribution to national economy, encouraging its members in carrying out their activities in optimum conditions and resulting the problems that the members encounter, takes place among the prior and professional institutions of the country.

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