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Cluster Groups

Cluster Groups

Increasing the competitiveness of Bursa, which is one of the vital production and export bases of our country, is of great importance in the actualization of Türkiye’s business targets. Companies in strategic sectors such as space, defense and aviation, railway systems, baby & kid garments, machinery, food, textile, composite, chemical, rubber, tourism, renewable energy, automotive, construction and informatics nearly 1000 members have been brought together in clusters created with a cooperation culture.

Ministry of Industry and Technology provides funding in developing the labor market, establishing a joint test laboratory, and developing new products and technologies within the scope of clustering activities. Our Chamber's Sustainable Home Textile Cluster is the first and only textile clustering project funded by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. ,

Furthermore, studies carried out in these groups, which brings academicians, representatives of public institutions and non-governmental organizations, as well as representatives of the business world together, strengthens sectors in the international arena by improving added value and quality.

  • Sectoral Councils
  • Global Fair Agency
  • Commercial Safari Project
  • Bursa Technology Organized Indus. Zone
  • Payitaht Bazaar Project
  • Bursa Gökmen Project
  • BTSO Academy Project
  • Uludağ Life-Long Training Centre
  • OIZ Technocity Project
  • BTSO Exchange Program
  • Cluster Groups
  • UR-GE and HİSER Projects
  • New-Generation Fairs
  • BTSOTAM Arbitration and Mediation Centre
  • Vocational Compe. Exam and Cert. Center
  • Transition for SMEs
  • Bursa Spring of Innovation and Design
  • Green Growth Project
  • BTSO Loyalty Project
  • BUTGEM Education Center
  • BTSO University
  • Bursa Finance and Commerce Center
  • Organized Trade Zones
  • Brand Boulevard Project
  • Healthcare Free Zone
  • OIZs for SMEs
  • BTSO Culinary Academy
  • Model Factory
  • Turkish Trade Centers
  • Aerospace And Aviation Traning Center
  • Bursa Textile Confection and R&D Center
  • Bursa Economy
    Bursa Economy