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Bursa Organized Industrial Zone

The project after being maintained by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Industrial Zone was established in 1961. As the first initial step in Turkey, USAID (US Agency for International Development) provided a loan of 26million 200thousand Turkish Liras to the Ministry of Finance for development of the industrial zone, provided that the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry would give contribution of 10% to this amount in July 1962 and the Industrial Zone started to give officially service in 1966.

The grounds allocated for the Industrial Zone were bought by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and divided into parcels for industries, later on, roads, water system, discharge system, natural gas, electricity and phone lines infrastructures were accomplished. Besides, in order the meet the residence demand, the land nearby the Zone was planned as the settlement area.

All the infrastructural maintenance is being provided in order to sustain the high-standardized services and the garbage collection; fire extinguishing and ambulance services are free of charge for the companies in the Zone.

Initially the area of the Zone was 1.8million m² and there were only four active companies. In the length of time the demand of parcel was increased, but the demands could not be met. Thus, the area of the Zone was expended and reached to 6.8million m². 2.450.00m² of the area is used for the infrastructural maintenance and 3.850.000 m² is used for the industrial land.

In 1992 the natural gas distribution network was added to all the infrastructural maintenance provided for the industrialists.

In the Zone, since the companies were individually refining, there was lack of place and the refining was unremunerated, the combined treatment facilities were deemed to be appropriate. The investment put into service with this aim, has been continuing since 1998. By this way, the opportunity was found to refine the waste water that was discharged from a common drain, by a combined treatment system.

Waste Water Treatment Plant & Bursa Environmental Counseling Center

The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, giving great importance to the ecological balance, implemented the Waste Water Treatment Plant project by 7million 750 thousand US Dollar investment, with the capacity of 50thousand tons and having physical, chemical, biological and mud treatment processes, in 1996.

The capacity of the industrial wastewater treatment plant reached to 96 thousand m³/day in 2004.

By such an investment, the BCCI Industrial Zone has the opportunity to have the Waste Water Treatment Plant has such a purification system, of which very rare examples for capacity and technology can be found throughout the world.

2nd Waste Water Treatment Plant

The BCCI Industrial Zone 2nd Waste Water Treatment Plant was inaugurated on 19th February 2006, by the Prime Minister Mr. Erdoğan. The turnkey price of the 2nd Waste Water Treatment Plant with the averagely capacity of 48.000m³/day is 5million 750 thousand New Turkish Liras. Thus, the total investment rate including the landing reaches to 18million US Dollars.

The Plant ensures he values stated in the table 19 of the Water Pollution Control Legislation regarding the discharge values after the pre-treatment, chemical and biological treatment of wastewater of the Organized Zone, on which 200 companies are active on a land of 640 hectares. Besides, the total nitrogen parameters are harmonized with the EU Standards.

The 2nd Waste Water Treatment Plant, which is a symmetric of the 1st Waste Water Treatment Plant, active since 1998, has been equipped with the automatic control systems and its processing system is computer-controlled.

Process Water Production Plant

Process Water Production Plant that has the highest capacity of Turkey was established at Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Organized Industrial Zone (BTSO OSB) on the 11th May 2004.

The plant the foundation of the building is laid on the 24th September 2002 is finished in 8-months, on the 20th May 2003. The plant that has the 50 thousand m3/day production capacity was established on a 120 decare field in Organized Industrial Zone.

The plant, with its current capacity, meets the need of the process water of total 180 industrial enterprise that are active in organized industrial zone. And now, the water that the industrial enterprises get from the plant is 700 thousand ton/month.

In case of the water cut, the emergency endurance time has been increased to 72 hours, and the financing which was 4 trillion 995 billion TL has been obtained completely by BTSO OSB.

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