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Shaping the Future of Sectors in Bursa with Collective Thinking

Bursa Business School, designed by BTSO as the reference training center for the business world in Uludağ, hosted the "BTSO Sectoral Councils Strategy Workshop". Uniting the representatives of the Bursa business world, universities and public institutions around the same table, the Sectoral Councils evaluated the road maps for the upcoming years in the two-day meetings. 

The Sectoral Councils, which Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry implemented for the first time in Turkey, held a "Strategy Planning Workshop" at Bursa Business School to determine their road maps for the future.  Ahmet Saim Kılavuz, BTSO Board of Directors and Assembly Presidency Council Members and Council Presidents and Vice Presidents participated in the two-day workshop program in Uludag, where new strategies were evaluated with the aim of creating a road map that will make the work of the Councils more methodical and improving the cooperation between the business world and the university.

Bursa Business School Candidate for Top 5 in the World

İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTSO, said that Kirazlıyayla Sanatorium in Uludağ is one of the most important architectural works of the Republican period. Stating that they put the facility built by Prof. Dr. Emin Onat, the architect of Anıtkabir, and Prof. Dr. Leman Tomsu, Türkiye's first female architect, at the disposal of the business community after a comprehensive renovation effort, President Burkay said, "This facility is among the top 5 in the world within its field. The chamber established the Education Foundation in 1992.  Now we are taking these educational activities up a notch with Bursa Business School (BBS). So far, we have signed cooperation agreements with 6 universities. Inspired by successful examples from around the world such as INSEAD and Harvard Business School, BBS will be unique in Turkey. The trainings here will contribute to the transformation from the old economy to the new economy."

""Entrepreneurs Are Needed To Adapt To The Changes In The Economy"

Emphasizing that Bursa needs entrepreneurs who will adapt to the change and transformation in the economy as well as qualified human resources in the global competition race, President Burkay said, "We need to get out of our comfort zone. Yet it is a fact that our business world is dealing with many daily problems. Our companies, which struggle with various challenges such as access to financing, qualified employment, export receivables, and hardships in the domestic market, often act with the psychology of saving the day. Only large-scale companies with strong R&D and P&D departments can determine a road map and strategy for the new economy. BTSO has 55 thousand members. Most of our members are SME-sized companies. Our main goal with Bursa Business School is to guide and add perspective to all our members and sectors with the trainings we will organize. This is the purpose of founding institutions such as BTSO. That is why BTSO Assembly and Councils are very important."

"We Will Continue to Guide the Sectors with New Strategies"

Emphasizing that institutions like BTSO should use their transformative power in every field, President Burkay reminded that in 2013 they established the sectoral council structure for the first time across chambers and commodity exchanges in Türkiye. Noting that it is critical for the business world, the public and universities to draw road maps together in order for the sectors to adapt to the new economy, Burkay continued his speech as follows: "There is an important paradigm shift in the economy, especially after the pandemic. We are entering a period that is difficult to manage. We need to update the strategic road maps of each of our 23 sector councils within our chamber. We are starting our deliberation meetings for these topics. We will continue to guide the sectors with new strategies by consolidating successful examples from the past to the present, in Türkiye and in the world. The cooperation between the business world and universities, something we place great importance on as BTSO, will add strength to these efforts. I would like to thank our esteemed Rectors for their support."

" Relations with the Business World Will Flourish Even More"

Bursa Uludağ University Rector Prof. Dr. Ferudun Yılmaz said that he believes that the Bursa Business School project will make significant contributions to the business world in terms of lifelong learning. Stating that Uludağ University is one of the 23 research universities in Türkiye, Yılmaz said, "YÖK prepares a report card on the performance of our universities every year. There is a tough competition among our universities. In this report card, our relations with the business world are also reflected in the parameters. We believe that we can reach higher positions in this ranking. We are ready to provide all kinds of contributions to the training programs to be organized by BTSO Sector Councils and Bursa Business School."

"Academic Acumen Empowering Industry, University Empowered by Industry"

Bursa Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Naci Çağlar emphasized that BTU is a young, dynamic and strong university. Expressing that they are aware of the great expectations of the industry towards the university, Çağlar said, "We are trying to satisfy these expectations. There cannot be a university disconnected from the industry. However, there cannot be an industry disconnected from the university. We think that the academic wisdom should be transferred to the industry. We want to be the academic mind that enhances the industry and a university that is stronger with the industry. This is our motto. We are also very happy to be included in the BTSO Sector Councils."

Bursa Business School to Assume an Important Function

Prof. Dr. Hasan Tosun, Rector of Mudanya University, stated that Bursa Business School will play a very important role for Bursa and that they would like the University of Mudanya to stand out in the projects to be carried out with the business world. Stressing that they are the youngest university in Türkiye, Rector Tosun said, "Universities are turning into institutions that produce knowledge, transfer knowledge and provide social benefits. We want to add a dimension to our University through these values."

"People of Bursa Have a Gratitude Debt"

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Kılavuz, Former Rector of Bursa Uludağ University, said, "As someone who knows the historical Sanatorium building from before, I think that Bursa residents owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this project, especially Mr. İbrahim Burkay. Considering the benefits it will provide to both the education of our business world and the brand value of Uludağ, it has been a project that made its mark on history." Referring to the university-business world relations, Kılavuz said, "There are important industrial organizations in Bursa that have accomplished great things. There is also a new generation of entrepreneurs who are young in age, have ideals and love for Türkiye. If we can bring the love and excitement of this group together with the knowledge potential of the university, Bursa will grow even more."

Representatives of Sectoral Councils operating in 23 different sectors also shared their opinions and suggestions regarding the projects they are planning in the upcoming period.


| 26.07.2023 |


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