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General Overview to the Economy of Bursa

Bursa is one of the rare cities in the world which has scenic beauties and industry and technology in harmony. Due to its location on the ancient Silk Road, Bursa has always been an important commercial city in the past due to its strategic position. Bursa is also a city of history and a cradle of civilizations with the spatial and architectural features of the Byzantine, Ottoman and the Republic eras.

Population 3.101.833
Surface 10.882 km²
Place in terms of Surface 27
Population density 285
Import (Thousand $ 2020) 7.600.546
Export (Thousand $ 2020) 13.740.197
Foreign Trade Volume (Thousand $) 21.340.743
Organized Industrial Zones   17

Bursa, with its economic features, represents an active and leading power for the development of the Turkish economy and new momentum. Bursa displays a significant dynamism in terms of economy with its contribution to the development of the economy of the country and the region, foreign currency inflow due to its exports and strengthening the industrial infrastructure.

The geographical location of Bursa is also an important advantage for the industry of Bursa which enables the city to be the gateway of the Anatolian peninsula to the west and of the west to Anatolia.

Bursa played a significant role in the development of the economy of the country both in the 19th century by the establishment of the silk factories having foreign capital and in the Republic era after 1923 by the establishment of public factories such as Merinos and private industrial enterprises. The leading and value-producing sectors of Bursa are textile, automotive, machinery&metal, agriculture&food and furniture. Bursa is a global center of attraction due to its developed manufacturing industry and commerce and has a significant share in Turkey’s economic growth and being one of the main rising economies.

Today Bursa is a leader in health tourism with its thermal complexes. In addition to its plains and water resources, Bursa is attractive with its mountains, as well. The most important mountain among them is Mount Uludağ which is 2.543 m high – the highest in the Marmara Region - and the center of winter tourism of our country.

Bursa, which has been an important city through the history, represents the natural and cultural liveliness of our country with its religious and civil architecture dating back to the Eastern Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire periods, sacred places of Islam and Christianity, green environment, healing water resources, natural lakes, waterfalls, authentic places and Uludağ that is a brand in winter sports and offers alternative tourism types all-year round. Bursa, with its rich history, scenic beauty and lively social and economic structure, is a “city where the cultures meet” and reflects and lives a unique urban model.

Last updated: 09.02.2020

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