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Our Quality Policy


To be an institution which provides quality solutions to the needs of Bursa business world and members, carries out projects which will increase the competitiveness of members, bases on member satisfaction in service, gives importance to the commercial morality to become prominent, gives support to our members to develop and introduce the business potential by giving material and organizational support through domestic and foreign trainings, business trips and events, and to be an institution which aims to solve disagreements and relations with government within the frame of Law No. 5174 by depending on the superiority and objectivity of law.


To be a pioneer exemplary to Turkey and to the world by carrying out projects which will make Bursa a center in design, innovation, R&D, environment-friendly high technology, product with high added value and branding-based growth target of Turkey by taking an active role in economic, social and cultural transformation and development of Bursa.


To give importance to savings,
Encourage the team work,
To give importance to occupational health and safety,
Customer focus,
Continuous improvement and innovation
To care about the expectations of the parties,
To protect the environment,
To care about human,
To research,

Our Quality Policy

Wıth the thought that Tradesman and Industrialists contribute much to the development and improvement of the economy of the country, To provide the best and flawless service to our members.

With the “Time is money” proverb and with the belief that the time of our members is valuable and all the time lost gives harm to our economy, to give service to our members as soon as possible and in the fastest way. To consider the benefit of our members in every service given to them in the framework of superiority of law and legislation.

To minimize the mistakes and maximize the member satisfaction in every service, quality to rank in priority.

To aim continuous improvement to reach the planned goals in service given,

To determine quality objectives to achieve the goals and to follow these objectives,

To adopt the quality as all staff and to give trainings to be understood,

To comply with the conditions of the Quality Management system and improve the effectiveness of it continuously.

Human Resources Policy

Our employees are the basic asset and the most important factor of our Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry that will lead us to success.

The Chamber commits the following with the aim to best use the human resources and to manage the business procedures as per the targets of the institution, to develop innovative and sustainable systems, to create a working environment which fosters secure, healthy and ethical values to

acquire qualified labor force,
form a transparent and reliable communication environment which supports team work and enables institutional awareness,
invest in human resources as per the strategies and targets of the institution with the applications based on vocational and personal developments and to monitor the development,
continuously improve and develop the satisfaction level of our employees, to increase the motivation and loyalty,
apply an objective performance system where the employees are recognized and appreciated,
initiate a solution-oriented and result-oriented approach and innovative human resources applications

by acting with the” human-being-oriented approach” principle.

Information Technology Management Policy

It is of great importance to produce and communicate information and most importantly, to manage this process effectively in a global world where the information technologies are the sole instrument of the productivity, where the conventional management perception is replaced with the governance perception that could be described as the management perception based on information and where the conventional economy is replaced with the information economy.

With this consciousness,

Our Chamber has adopted the principle to finally deliver all services to its members online.
Within this principle an integrated information system is established where information and documents are managed.
All of the decisions of the managerial boards are based on reliable information.
Taking into consideration its role in the regional development, it uses accurate information based on actual data while taking decisions for consistent policies.
The confidentiality of all soft-copy and hard-copy information is essential. As per this principle, all required security measures are taken.
Technical infrastructure and procedures for the back-up of the data and information retrieved from this data are established.
Information Technology Risk Management is established.
Back-up, plans for states of emergency and disasters are prepared.
It has planned all required trainings so that its managers, employees and all members reach the level of information technology literacy to follow the developing technologies.

Financial Management Policy

The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry is established to meet the needs of its members, to protect the discipline, morality and solidarity for honesty and trust, to ease and develop the vocational activities and to perform the services and duties assigned to the chambers as per the Law Nr. 5174.

The resources of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry are registration fees, annual subscription fees, supplementary subscription fees, document fees, subsidiaries and other fees (such as interests etc.).

The legal representative of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the President of the Board of Directors. Our Chamber is subject to the common signatures of the President of the Board of Directors and the Secretary General.

It uses the acquired revenues within the framework to fulfill the establishment targets, to contribute to the regional development and to fulfill its social responsibilities.

It uses its assets as term deposits and subsidiaries.

It presents its financial reports weekly to the Board of Directors and monthly to the Accounts Commission and the Assembly of the Chamber as per the form and contents described by the law.

The Accounts Commission conducts a financial audit every month.

It functions as per the general accountancy principles and provides on-time and accurate financial information to ease the monitoring and control of the financial resources management.

It prepares its annual budget according to the fiscal year as per the Law Nr. 5174 and the Regulation of Budget and Accountancy and performs its annual activities according to this plan.

The budget of the Chamber is prepared by the Board of Directors and approved by the Assembly.

The expenditures of the budget take place by the common signature of the President of the Board of Directors or his / her assigned deputy and the Secretary General or the Accountant Member.

It establishes its system for transparency and to provide the accurate information on time as per the general accountancy principles.

Our Chamber strives to provide its members with more quality services by using its current resources in the most effective way. Financial management and audits are management tools that provide the management with sufficient information and assurance as a result of this search.

Upon request, the Board of Directors of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry can let its financial structure to be audited by independent audit institutions.

The establishment of a reliable audit consciousness and the establishment and management of an effective financial audit environment and organizational structure are among the basic duties of the management.

Member Relations Policy

The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, by considering its responsibilities in the regional development, commits the following to be a chamber that creates value for its members having accountability and that continuously improves itself as per the feedback received from the members:

Quality and continuous communication between its member and stakeholders
Accessibility through all channels to increase member satisfaction and service quality
Objective and neutral handling and solving the complaints as per the legal obligations and laws, considering the transparency and confidentiality principles
Effective service within the targeted time framework with a member-oriented approach

Communication Strategy


To define the principles on how to summarize and communicate our messages to our members, business community, government, non-governmental organizations and most importantly our employees in a clear way.


The news concerning our Chamber is archived.

It publishes and disseminates the BTSO Economy Magazine monthly that includes information on the activities of the Chamber, opinions of the Chamber on various issues, facilitative information of the professional activities of our members and articles on the culture and values of our region.

It publishes the Activity Report every year and disseminates it to its target audience.

It shares the findings of the socio-economical researches, which have the aim to enlighten the new ideas and projects for our city and commercial life, with the target audience on social, political and economic issues conducted by scientific methods.

It organizes press meetings to convey the opinions and messages of the Chamber concerning the issues raised by the Chamber or the issues on the agenda.

No personal statements could be delivered to the written and visual media by the managers of the Chamber other than the opinions and policies formed by the authorized bodies of the Chamber.

The articles and the press releases are prepared as per the aim and target of the activities of the Chamber.

Interviews are conducted concerning the projects and activities managed by the Chamber.

Campaigns are conducted for communicating the issues raised by the Chamber to the target audience effectively.

The activities of the Chamber are disseminated via the corporate website, social media, e-mails and SMS messages and also via the banners, posters and announcements, if necessary.

The corporate website is managed up-to-date and with a manner to meet the needs and expectations of our members.

All the announcements for our members are communicated via e-mails, website and the SMS program.

The greeting and other messages defined by the Board of Directors for special days and weeks are communicated to the target audience by newspaper announcements and the website.

All types of events (meetings, conferences, seminars, award ceremonies etc.) that will communicate the opinions and suggestions of the Chamber to the target audience are open to press.

A database is prepared containing the contact information of the local and national media.

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