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Our Quality Policy


To be an institution which provides quality solutions to the needs of Bursa business world and members, carries out projects which will increase the competitiveness of members, bases on member satisfaction in service, gives importance to the commercial morality to become prominent, gives support to our members to develop and introduce the business potential by giving material and organizational support through domestic and foreign trainings, business trips and events, and to be an institution which aims to solve disagreements and relations with government within the frame of Law No. 5174 by depending on the superiority and objectivity of law.


To be a pioneer exemplary to Turkey and to the world by carrying out projects which will make Bursa a center in design, innovation, R&D, environment-friendly high technology, product with high added value and branding-based growth target of Turkey by taking an active role in economic, social and cultural transformation and development of Bursa.

Basic Values

Continuous improvement and Innovativeness
Customer Orientation
Considering the expectations of the parties
Value people
Encourage for teamwork
Preserve the Environment
Value occupational health and safety
Value saving

Our Quality Policy

Wıth the thought that Tradesman and Industrialists contribute much to the development and improvement of the economy of the country, To provide the best and flawless service to our members.

With the “Time is of the Essence” expression and with the belief that the time of our members is valuable and all the time lost gives harm to our economy, to give service to our members as soon as possible and in the fastest way.

To consider the benefit of our members in every service given to them in the framework of superiority of law and legislation in order to minimize the mistakes and maximize the member satisfaction in every service, quality to rank in priority. To aim continuous improvement to achieve the planned goals in service given, To determine quality objectives to achieve the goals and to follow these objectives, To adopt the quality as all staff and to give trainings to be understood, To comply with the conditions of the Quality Management system and improve the effectiveness of it continuously.

Human Resources Policy

Our employees are the basic asset and the most valuable factor of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry that will lead us to success.

In order to use human resources effectively and voluminously and to manage the business processes in accordance with the Corporate Policy and Objectives; to build an inclusive business environment with high employee commitment, based on equality in opportunity, considerate of the differences and ethical values, development oriented and high performance aided operates with Sustainable and Innovative Human Resources practices
To introduce skilled labor to BTSO through “PEOPLE ORIENTED APPROACH” principle.
To form a transparent and reliable communication environment which supports team work and enables institutional awareness.

To invest in human resources as per the strategies and targets of the institution with the applications based on vocational and personal developments and to monitor the development.

Continuously improve and develop the satisfaction level of our employees, to increase the motivation and loyalty,

To recognize the contribution, success and high performance, award accordingly.

To initiate innovative practices through solution and result oriented approach.

Information Policy and Communication Strategy


The active use of all communication channels in Bursa, which is the core city in terms of country's economy, will promote the trade volume of our members in local and national media and inform our members about current economic developments.

Communication Strategy

Planning is prepared in order to actively announce the projects conducted and the activities carried out by the Chamber.

Newsletters and television news and programs are digitally archived regarding the projects and works conducted by our chamber or the news particular interest to our Chamber are included.

BTSO Economics magazine, which includes the chamber activities, the opinions of the chamber on various topics, the information that facilitates the professional activities of our members and the culture, folklore and values of our region, is being issued to the target audience through the mobile application and www.btsoekonomi.com website monthly.

The Annual Report, which includes the activities of the Chamber, is published annually.

Weekly newsletter regarding the works conducted by our chamber and information regarding the city and country economy is transmitted to our members via e-mail

Sectoral publications are prepared in order to convey the potential of our city in the fields of industry, trade and tourism.

Promotional videos are prepared in which the activities carried out in the routine Assembly meetings are held per month.

The findings of socio-economic researches carried out with scientific methods on social, political and economic issues aiming to provide an insight on new ideas and projects towards our city and commercial life is being shared with the target group.

Press conferences are organized to convey the opinions and messages of the Chamber regarding the issues raised by the Chamber or any other issues may be on the agenda.

With the exception of the opinions and policies created by the authorized bodies of the Chamber, no personal opinions shall be made by the directors of the chamber in written or visual media.

Social media and promotional films are prepared in line with the needs of our Chamber's projects and subsidiaries.

Objective and Intention oriented articles and press releases are prepared regarding Chamber activities.

Interviews are conducted regarding on the projects and activities carried out by the Chamber.

Activity films are prepared for the joint committee meetings that are held biannually.

Campaigns are organized to effectively convey the issues raised by the Chamber to the target audience.

The activities and operations of the Chamber is announced primarily on the corporate web page; In addition to electronic bulletin, social media, via e-mail and SMS, BTSO Economic Journal, if necessary; announced by banners, posters and posters.

The corporate web page provides its service with an understanding that is up-to-date and takes into account the needs and expectations of our members.

All announcements to be made to our members is committed via e-mail, web page and SMS program.

All the wishes, celebrations and regards on specials days and weeks determined by our Board of Directors are shared with the target audience through newspaper advertisements, social media and web page.

Regular posts regarding carried out works are shared from the individual social media accounts of projects and affiliates of our Chamber and studies are planned to increase the interactions of these accounts.

Social responsibility projects carried out by our Chamber (Scholarship facilities for successful students, blood donation campaign, Aid Trucks etc.) are announced to the Chamber members through all communication channels and ensure their participation in these projects.

All kinds of organizations (meetings, conferences, seminars, award ceremonies) that will deliver the opinions and suggestions of the chamber to the target audience are made open to the press.

A database with contact information of local and national press organizations is established.

Information and Communication Technologies Management Policy

While Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry execute its vision to be signified as a leading established in Turkey and in the world, it aims to fulfill the following basic principles necessary for ensuring the information security, continuity and sustainability of Information and Communication Technology systems and infrastructures.

BTSO has made it a general principle to carry all the services offered to its members to the electronic environment at the final stage.

Integrated data system is established where the Information and Document is managed.

It takes the necessary precautions to ensure the continuity and sustainability of Information Assets in terms of confidentiality, unity and accessibility.

The evaluation of bearing risks over information assets is carried out periodically and all the necessary studies to reduce the detected risks to reasonable levels

Business continuity management is implemented to ensure that access to information to be consistently realize on planned levels.

In line with the ever-changing and developing Information and Communication Technologies, the necessary planning and actualization is being carried out for the development of sufficiency and competency of the IT staff

Ensure to provide coordinated work with laws, regulations, circulars and necessaries determined by legal statute

Awareness programs, which will increase the awareness of information security of the Chamber staff and encourage them to contribute to information security, are planned and realized regularly.

Financial Management Policy

The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry is established to meet the needs of its members, to protect the discipline, morality and solidarity for honesty and trust, to ease and develop the vocational activities and to perform the services and duties assigned to the chambers as per the Law Nr. 5174.

The resources of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry composed of registration fees, annual membership fees, supplementary membership fees, document fees, subsidiaries and other fees (such as interests etc.).

The legal representative of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the President of the Board of Directors. Our Chamber is subject to the common signatures of the President of the Board of Directors and the Secretary General.

It uses the acquired revenues within the framework to fulfill the establishment objectives, to contribute to the regional development and to fulfill its social responsibilities. It utilizes owned assets as term deposits and subsidiaries.

It presents its financial reports weekly to the Board of Directors and monthly to the Accounts Commission and the Assembly of the Chamber as per the form and contents described by the law. The Accounts Commission conducts a financial audit every month.

It functions as per the general accountancy principles and provides on-time and accurate financial information to ease the monitoring and control of the financial resources management.

It prepares its annual budget according to the fiscal year as per the Law Nr. 5174 and the Regulation of Budget and Accountancy and performs its annual activities according to this plan.

The budget of the Chamber is prepared by the Board of Directors and approved by the Assembly.

The expenditures of the budget take place by the common signature of the President of the Board of Directors or his / her assigned deputy and the Secretary General or the Accountant Member.

It establishes its system for transparency and to provide the accurate information on time as per the general accountancy principles.

Our Chamber strives to provide its members with more quality services by using its current resources in the most effective way. Financial management and audits are management tools that provide the management with sufficient information and assurance as a result of this search.

Upon request, the Board of Directors of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry can let its financial structure to be audited by independent audit institutions.

The establishment of a reliable audit consciousness and the establishment and management of an effective financial audit environment and organizational structure are among the basic duties of the management.

Member Relations Policy

The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, by considering its responsibilities in the regional development, commits the following to be a chamber that creates value for its members having accountability and that continuously improves itself as per the feedback received from the members:

Maintain continuity and qualified communication between its members and stakeholders

Accessibility through all channels to increase member satisfaction and service quality

Addressing and analyzing the reflcted complaints, objectively and impartially, in a way to comply with the legal obligations and laws, by adhering to the principles of transparency and confidentiality.

To provide effective service at the targeted time by showing a member oriented approach,

It undertakes to be a Chamber that is able to account and continuously improve itself with the inputs received feedbacks from its members.

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