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BUTEKOM Bursa Textile Confection and R&D Center

BUTEKOM is a “Sectorial R&D Center” founded in 2008. Its current partners are the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) by 50%, Uludağ Textile Exporters' Association (UTIB) by 37,5% and Uludağ Apparel and Clothing Exporters' Association (UHKIB) by 12,5%.

The aim of BUTEKOM is to enable the textile, ready-made garment and apparel companies to manufacture innovative and technical textile products, to develop high-added-value products for fashion and brands, to increase the production efficiency and to supply necessary training, coordination and communication among the stakeholders in time. For this purpose, the task of BUTEKOM is to focus and steer dispersed R&D activities of all textile and ready-made garment companies in Bursa and its surrounding on the defined subjects. In this context, current basic activities of BUTEKOM can be classified as follows: Preparation and application of R&D projects, cooperation between institutions, creating expert member groups, making environmental analysis and cleaner production applications, technical textile consultancy, sector-specific seminars and trainings, workshops, following the sectorial developments, technical fair reports and follow-up of the trend areas.

BUTEKOM which has a unique structure in sectorial terms in our country has been performing many activities in accordance with the priorities of the sector and attending meetings concerning the problems of the sector in different platforms. The trainings in the sector provided almost 2.500 people with trainings between 2012-2014. It led to technical fairs in the sector and provided the sector with technical reports. It provided technical support in Textile R&D Project Market Activities that were organized by the UTIB and the BTSO and organized workshops for current project suggestions to transform to industry-university collaboration. In addition, it supported the preparation of road maps in different subjects by organizing workshops in the fields of home textile, technical textile, textile engineering and design training. It also made first applications in the sector in “Sustainable Production” activities. It gave consultancy service to companies especially in the fields of cleaner production and ecolabels.

BUTEKOM is in touch with many international textile research centers. In accordance with these activities, the aim of BUTEKOM is to be a multipurpose research center that is recognized internationally and followed in the fields of textile and apparel. The aim is that it becomes a more effective center having a laboratory infrastructure with the “Textile and Technical Textile Excellence Center” project that is managed with the BTSO. The mentioned project is planned to be realized by the BTSO in 2015.

Contact Information

Adress : D.O.S.A.B. Mustafa Karaer Cadde Çigdem 2 Sokak No:1/4 16245 Osmangazi / BURSA
Telephone : 0 (224) 502 16 00
Fax : 0 (224) 502 16 06
Web : http://www.butekom.org
Mail : info@butekom.org
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