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International Competitiveness Development Projects

International Competitiveness Development Projects

Hundreds of members of BTSO benefit from the Ur-Ge projects conducted under the leadership of our chamber in the aerospace, defense and aerospace, rail systems, baby-child ready to wear, machinery, food, textile, composite, chemistry, automotive software and electronics sectors.

As BTSO, we started to carry out the International Competitiveness Development (Ur-Ge) projects supported by the Ministry of Economy in order to realize industrial transformation in Bursa and for our members to have a voice in the international arena.

Along with the approval of 10 Ur-Ge projects we have developed in this framework, we have presented our 150 million TL worth of funds in total available for our members which makes 15 million TL to be used for each project. Ur-Ge projects in space, aviation and defense, rail systems, baby-child ready to wear (2 Ur-Ge projects), chemistry, food, machinery, textile, composite, automotive software and electronics areas adds more strength to our members.

Needs analysis and special target market determination studies were carried out in different sectors Within the scope of Ur-Ge studies. 6 education/consulting activities with the participation of 165 people and overseas marketing activities had been realized with a participation of 123 people which contained 4 different continents and 6 countries. Within the framework of procurement delegations, 300 foreign buyers from 30 countries came together with the business world representatives of Bursa.

1. Aerospace and Defense
2. Railway Systems
3. Baby-Children Ready Wear-1
4. Baby-Children Ready Wear-2
5. Chemistry Sector
6. Machinery Sector
7. Food Sector
8. Automotive Software and Electronics
9. Textile Sector
10. Composite Sector

Difference of BTSO in the International Competition: BTSO stand by with its members throughout the world.

* Morocco Aerospace and Defense (UHS) Ur-Ge International Marketing Activity (April 2016): Marrakesh Air Show, B2B, Casablanca, Rabat

* South Africa Baby-Children Ready Wear Ur-Ge International Marketing Activity (May 2016): Mama Magic Fair, Johannesburg + Cape Town B2B

* Bulgaria Chemistry Sector Ur-Ge Project (September 2016): Chemical Industry Fair B2B, Plovdiv

* USA Baby-Children Ready Wear Ur-Ge International Marketing Activity (October 2015): ENK Children's Club, B2B New York South Africa Visit, Buying Delegations, Morocco UHS Visit

* Sector Specific Target Market Setting and Sectoral Needs Analysis, Marketing Activities Abroad

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