Bursa Grows Turkey Grows

Bursa Business World is United for Democracy

Bursa Business World is United for Democracy


Esteemed representatives of our business world,


Valuable press members,


Welcome to the meeting we have made as Bursa business world to protect our national will and democracy.


Dear Friends,


As all of you know, on the date of July 15th unfortunately we have all witnessed to an event that disregarded our national will and was disgraceful in the name of democracy.

Thankfully our nation has given an appropriate response to FETÖ terror organization that terrorized while hiding behind their military label by putting their lives at stake without hesitation.

Our nation’s will and our government agency’s admired solidarity devitalized the FETÖ terror organization members and followers which are a threat to our union and future.

15th July has claimed its place in history as we once again proved our faith and commitment to our democracy to the world as a country.

Essential features of democracy; public initiative and demilitarization are experienced in our society as a culture.

The foundation to powerful Turkey and powerful economy is strong democracy and assurance of the strong democracy is the existence of civil initiative.

The whole world has witnessed to the fact that our nation will reveal this awareness when the time comes.

Our nation declared that they no longer accept everything that is being forced upon them and they will stand behind their willpower and choices by any means under any circumstances.

I sincerely congratulate every one of our patriotic citizens for showing an exemplary attitude against the vicious attack to our country in order to structure parallel state system.

I can proudly say that we are the first chamber in Turkey to announce that we stand next to our nation, government, our Prime Minister and our elected President of the Republic and we recognize no other power than the power of our nation.

Bursa has a deep impact in history as well as the goals of our country. This city is a symbol for national unity and sovereignty.

We will continue to be loyal to our assembly which represents our nation’s will and protect its law.

I am once again underlying the fact that no one has the power to shatter our assembly. We will never allow our national will to be violated.


Beloved Friends,

Turkey has suffered enough from pro-coup mindset. Every coup caused irreparable damages and economical destructions that take years to repair.

Political stability which is the foundation of growth brought economical acquisition.

Turkey’s accomplishments for the past 10-15 years have gained the appreciation of the whole world.

We are in a term that we are putting great effort to grow Turkey more. Even though it is a bitter experience, the fact that our national attitude will be memorialized as “Democracy Day” is giving us a reason to be hopeful towards the future.

Today we are stronger than yesterday with the strength of our political stability and the support from our society.

Considering the emergency state, the fact that we are going through the usual process of economic parameter is the proof to a powerful country.

The appropriate interferences by our central bank with the reduction of interest and  liquidity source allowance against the chaos expectation of malice groups is  great support for the market’s operate efficiently.

We expect the continuous appropriate decisions from the central bank towards our business world’s acceptable requirements.

Considering the foreign policy, we hope the normalization process initiated with particularly with Israel and Russia and neighboring countries to continue.

We must all eliminate negative campaigns conducted and the perception they wish to form from outside.

Turkey protects its position as center of attraction for both local and foreign investors.

No matter how the perception and stabilization of our country is tried to be damaged, if we can manage to bring the virtue of national unity we have today to the future, our country will win again.

Even with the obstacles we are facing and the will to create a chaos by others, we will not allow the geographic position to decide for our future.

I declare with full confidence that we will have a saying while forming this geography as Turkey.

During this time with the domination of common sense, the new goal is that the new constitution will come into force immediately.

Turkey showed growth for 26 quarters considering the circumstances it’s in and this is envied by many countries.

Our country has accomplished projects that we can only dream of while the world is struggling with many crises.

It was desired to sabotage this country’s future while we started the projects like İstanbul-İzmir highway, Osmangazi Bridge and 3rd airport among with the production of our national airplane, national tank and local automobile.

We will work harder with the belief of “Bursa Grows Turkey Grows”, we will invest more, produce more and we will continue to lead our national development goals.

I would like to call for our business world and nation:

It is a time that requires more shopping and trade for a strong economy and for a stronger Turkey.

Let us pass through this time course faster and stronger by standing together again against the people who wish to drag this country’s future to a darker place.

I am inviting our society to contribute trading by visiting Historical Bazaar and District of Inns -the heart of our city’s economy- and all other shopping malls.


Esteemed friends,

We once again damn those members of the FETO organizations whom riddled our patriotic citizens with bullets and bomb our assembly which is the symbol of national sovereignty.

We believe FETO organization members who tried to capture our government with their twisted minds; will be punished the way they deserve before the law.

My sincere condolences to the families of our citizens we have lost while defending our country and our democracy. I also wish quick recovery to our wounded citizens.

Just as Mr. Hasan Tahsin; symbol of national struggle against enemy invasion, our martyr citizen Mr. Ömer Halisdemir will be remembered as the symbol of democracy victory for firing the first bullet to the coup gang at the risk of his life.

In memory of all of our martyrs who brought us democracy victory, we demand 81 monuments in 81 cities so that they can be unforgettable.

As Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we will build a democracy monument at the democracy square.

In addition to this, we are announcing to give away democracy award every year in behalf of Mr. Ömer Halisdemir and this is why we support the idea to refer July 15th as ‘Democracy Day’.

I once again would like to express my gratitude to foremost Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; our President of the Republic and Commander-in-chief and to Mr. Binali Yıldırım; our Prime Minister and to our statesman whom protected our national will, to Turkish Armed Forces, to Turkish National Police and to our heroic citizens.

I would like to express my gratitude towards district Chamber and Exchanges, Exporters’ Association and non-governmental organizations, Chambers of Artisan and to representatives of the Bursa business world for showing an exemplary behavior.

Tonight we will be gathering at the Democracy Square formerly known as Fomara for democracy watch once again with the people of our city along with our Board of Directors, Assembly and Committee members and representatives of our business world.

As Bursa business world, I also would like to thank to our esteemed representatives of media for the interest they showed towards this meeting where we made our joint declaration.


Sincerely Yours.









| 21.07.2016 |


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